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  Håkan Hillerström, family business advisory services
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Hakan Hillerstrom
Hakan Hillerstrom

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Born into a family shipping business in the south of Sweden, Mr. Hillerstrom bears with him unique knowledge and insights into family business issues. Known to be both delicate and pragmatic in his approach, he is strongly oriented towards practical solutions.

Honed in private banking through Banque Kleinwort Benson, Mr. Hillerstrom further specialised his know how of family business complexities with PricewaterhouseCoopers, while in charge of developing family business networks and activities for private clients and family businesses across the world.

His knowledge has proved especially valuable to families experiencing internal conflict. Working with the entire family on a person-to-person basis Mr. Hillerstrom has also showed exceptional ability in understanding the aims of the younger generations, and assisting them in the move to leadership or ownership positions. As a neutral coach he is able to help the family find solutions that are acceptable to all family members.

Mr. Hillerstrom who has an MBA from IMD Switzerland, founded the European Family Business Seminar in 1996, which has been held five times in St-Moritz, with the collaboration of IMD. He is also a co-founder of Genevest Consulting Group, a Geneva-based venture capital firm. Mr. Hillerstrom is frequently asked to lecture on family business dilemmas to his peers in the world of banking and finance, and is also the author of numerous articles that have appeared in financial and business magazines.

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