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wealth management

wealth management

frequently asked questions

  • Our family has been advised to make a financial diversification to reduce our dependency on (and risk connected with) our operating company. We are concerned about the potential impact that a large portion of liquid wealth could have, on us, and our children. Are there any models we could follow?
  • We have been managing liquid wealth for some years now, but the performances of the banks and the fund managers has not been as good as expected, and we need to become more disciplined in our approach. Have you got a magic formula for how we could improve the situation?
  • Our parents have been using some of the old traditional banks for managing our assets, but the asset allocation is far from optimal, and the banks are not taking consideration to either our share in the family company, or our real estate holdings. Who, in your opinion, could help us become more professional in our overall asset management approach?
  • We have recently sold one of our operating companies and need help in managing the proceeds. We also need help to determine our individual risk profiles, as well as our asset allocation and selection of banks and fund managers. Could you help us outline what options we have?
  • Our family possesses reasonable wealth, estimated to about EUR 60 million. This however, is not a sufficient amount to start our own family office. In spite of this we would like to benefit from the increased purchasing power in negotiating fees and getting access to the good fund managers that a family office would bring. What options do we have?
  • Over the last 10 years we have been managing our liquid wealth too much on ad hoc basis, and would now want to set up a small investment committee. The purpose would be to better manage the overall asset allocation and keep a sharper eye on the performance of the banks and the fund managers. Who should we select for this committee?
  • Many years ago I sold our medium size family company, but I have not managed the money very well since then. As a matter of fact, I have little interest in asset management, and I do not really have the time either. I realise that I have a responsibility vis-à-vis my children and will need to do something about it. What advise can you give me?
  • I live in London and my brother in Paris and we are now taking over our family company. Due to an adverse tax situation we are planning to move, either to Switzerland or to Monaco. How do we make a proper evaluation of our options and what would the impact be for our wives and children?

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