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financial education
"An investment in knowledge pays the best interest."

Benjamin Franklin

financial education

frequently asked questions

  • We have recently decided to sell one of the companies within our family structure. To ensure prudent financial diversification, this money will not be reinvested, but given directly to the shareholders, as this is considered reasonably tax efficient. Our problem is that we have no experience in managing large liquid wealth and we need a basic education, such as an ABC in portfolio management. Who could help us with this?
  • We have entrusted the management of our portfolios to several Investment Managers over the last number of years. The style of their management has gradually shifted towards funds. We would like to understand more about these types of investment products and their advantages and disadvantages. However, we would like such education to be from independent sources. Are there any such courses given by truly independent professionals?
  • I have over the last 20 years managed some smaller liquid portfolios for individual family members with mixed success. I now want my four children (age 18 to 27) to be educated in how to manage this money more professionally, as more money will soon be added to these portfolios. Are there any courses you can recommend?
  • Our children are completing their academic education and will start their professional lives shortly. As we want to involve them increasingly in the control of our family wealth, we would like them to attend a course explaining exactly what investments can be made, their risks and rewards, and how best to spread the risk. As they know nothing of investments at the moment, is there a single program which can give them an “A to Z” in investing?

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