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emergency planning
"A little too late, is much too late."

German Proverb

emergency planning

frequently asked questions

  • My father (68) and my uncle (66) are very secretive about the enterprise, and we have no real details about certain off-shore companies and bank accounts within the group. What would happen if they were suddenly to die?
  • I am married to a successful second-generation entrepreneur (38), but if something were to happen to him, I myself, and our three children would be lost. Can we put in place an emergency plan, and what other actions do you recommend that I take?
  • One of our friends who was running a successful business had a brain haemorrhage 7 months ago and is now incapacitated. To make sure that we are well prepared if something similar would happen to us, what steps would you recommend us to take?
  • We have a large family owned company with 15 shareholders, but are dependent on one sole family member, currently active in a key position of CEO. Should he have an accident, we are not properly informed about the intricacies of the company, and would face a real crisis. How do you plan for a sudden tragic event?

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