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  Håkan Hillerström, family business advisory services
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continuity planning
"There is no strength without unity."

Irish Proverb

continuity planning

frequently asked questions

  • The business needs to grow, but we do not have the sufficient funds within the family sphere for the necessary expansion. What should we think about when taking in outside shareholders?
  • Most of my wealth is in our family business. What happens if the enterprise should run into trouble? What recommendations can you give me to secure my investment?
  • My partner and I have grown our business tremendously over the last 25 years. However, we have not yet resolved whether we should hand it over to our children or not, and if so, what point in time would be the best for a handover. What process do you recommend that we use to clarify these issues?
  • The business is doing very well, but I am afraid of what might happen if my wife and I ever divorce? How should I plan for this and how do I deal with my wife’s reaction to this possibility?
  • We are now the fifth generation running our family business. With 32 shareholders and 65 family members I have difficulty seeing how we can continue to remain 100% family owned in the future. What are our options?
  • Two years ago we prepared a family protocol and a shareholders’ agreement but our brother refuses to sign it. What shall we do?
  • I am currently in charge of the family business (4th generation), and although I am only 56, many of the cousins from the 5th and 6th generations are beginning to challenge my leadership. What would you recommend that I do?

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