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"I disapprove of what you say, but will defend to the death your right to say it."


conflict management

frequently asked questions

  • I do not want my children to control the business when I am no longer around. What options do I have?
  • We have a problem in our family. Our father (now 73) does not want to listen to us and always “knows best”. Our mother is afraid of confronting Dad, and the business is going down the drain. What can we do to instigate change?
  • My brother always wants to be “too” smart and I find myself unable to trust him any longer. What shall I do?
  • A dispute is threatening to destroy the family and unless we do something about it, we will probably devastate the company as well. How best can we tackle this conflict?
  • In our family we tend to pretend that conflicts do not exist, and react by sweeping them under the carpet. This is evolving into a serious problem. How can we bring up the issues that must, sooner or later, be confronted?
  • My father handed over the management of the company to me two years ago, but he is constantly interfering and I see no option but to resign. What other possibilities do I have, and is there anything I can do to change my father’s behaviour?
  • Six years ago two of our sibling sold their stake in the business. The business has done well since, but now they want more money. How should we tackle this?
  • One of the family members (with a 20% ownership stake) wants to sell her share in our family company - but we cannot agree on the price. What should we do?
  • I am working in our family company together with two siblings and three cousins. We see things differently, and unfortunately I do not seem to be getting on very well with them. Should I leave the company or are there other options?
  • We bought our sister out of the family company some 10 years ago, after a drawn out conflict. Since then my brother and I have stayed together, but more for economic reasons than anything else. The trust between us has deteriorated over time, and even though we have put together a shareholders’ agreement, maybe it would be better to go for a clean split. What do you recommend and how should I evaluate my options going forward?

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