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"I disapprove of what you say, but will defend to the death your right to say it."


conflict management

turning conflict into progress

A majority of companies are owned and managed by small groups of individuals who belong to the same family group. For them business is not the only consideration on the agenda. Therefore when corporate goals, structures are challenged, this can evolve into deeply personal issues. When resulting in conflicts that affect the core of the enterprise and the lives of all involved from owners and employees, to spouses, siblings and children, outside guidance is the only way forward.

The main difference between a business that prospers and one that fails is often the ability to manage the complex relationships and individual goals and perceptions between and among the individuals involved in the family business.

A closer look at conflict will show that it is not as negative as it is painted. Managed right, conflict can spur development and effectuate positive change, both for the company itself and the individuals concerned. But to succeed, qualified external, unbiased expertise can make all the difference.

Having successfully dealt with numerous family business conflicts in a variety of corporate constellations and cultures, Hakan Hillerstrom has acquired valuable experience with each one. If your family business is in a difficult situation, allow his insights and strategies to work to your benefit.


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